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For Rightmove, growing our product development teams to support new initiatives and develop features our users will love is one of our top priorities. Anyone who works in the industry probably knows the challenges within the job market right now and how important it is get your brand out there. Pre-covid we had hosted meetups or sponsored events to give people an insight into how we work but another medium that’s increased after the pandemic is podcasts. 

What is a podcast?

For those who aren’t sure what a podcast is (Peter Crouch famously signed up to have his own podcast without realising what it actually was) it’s essentially a talk radio series playable “on demand” which anyone can listen to whenever and wherever they want. The benefits for us seemed pretty clear – we could go onto a podcast and have a relaxed talk about software engineering in Rightmove and be able to share that with a wider range of people than a meet-up could provide.

What next?

One of our recruitment partners, Client Server, hosts a regular podcast called “Talking Tech” so I was put in contact with Michael Oliver (the head of marketing and host of the podcast) about potentially being a guest. After an initial chat we agreed a date and Michael gave me a high level idea about how it would work. We would have a half hour conversation talking about the following themes:

  • My journey into tech
  • My career at Rightmove
  • The culture and work environment of Rightmove
  • What a typical day for me looks like 
  • What the future holds for Rightmove

Although we had these high level themes we had the flexibility to go off script and delve into things that maybe were’t covered by these themes. Once we agreed a date we also talked about whether we should record and stream live or record and release at a later date. We decided on recording and releasing at a later date as I’ve not done much public speaking post-pandemic, so I’m a tad rusty.

How did it go?

I’ll let you be the judge of that – the full podcast is embedded below (tongue). From my point of view it was a success, I had a great time talking about my career at Rightmove and after a few weeks the video had been viewed hundreds of times and was the most popular podcast of the series. 

The podcast

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Dan is an Engineering Manager at Rightmove who enjoys making things better than they were and coaching engineers. Outside of coding he enjoys the gym, video games, motorbikes and football.

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