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🎙️The Rightmove Tech Podcast brings you news, views, and interviews from the Rightmove tech team.

Episode 1: Interview with David Disley, Engineering Manager and leader of the tech community group at Rightmove.

These are some of the areas we explored during our short but sweet conversation:

  • His career to date and role at Rightmove;
  • his passion for the Rightmove tech community;
  • how he see Rightmove’s tech community as part of the larger tech community;
  • and much more besides…
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David has nearly 40 years of experience in the tech industry. His role is to line manage 20 backend Java engineers. He helps them in their day to day role to be successful at Rightmove – supporting them in their teams, helping them with career development, helping them with learning opportunities. In addition to this, David works with 2 teams, helping them deliver their tech roadmap.

“At Rightmove, we really value learning, development and community.”

David also runs the tech community that crosses all disciplines: frontend, backend, QA, design and product.

“The tech community is a great place for us to be able to allow that crossover of ideas. A cross pollination between our different skill groups. It’s a it’s a way of supporting engineers growth. It’s a way of encouraging them to take ownership of their development.”

For David, empathy towards people, strong engineering skills and determination to push forward are the 3 key characteristics of an Engineering Manager.

“You need a lot of empathy to listen to understand where each of your engineers is. Everyone is at a different stage of the journey. You need to adapt your style and your approach for your different reports.”

David has done a lot of work with this Tech Blog, and determination and challenging people have been key to make it grow.

“When you work in an organisation, you want to have impact. If you want to make a difference, if you want to introduce change, you have to be determined. You have to be able to push really hard.”

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. Watch out for another one coming soon…

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